Bajaj overseas has established offices in 2 major textile producing cities of India

Bangalore - here company has its corporate head office since 1993. Here number of handloom units and high speed power looms are producing thousands of meters of plain silk fabrics like silk dupion, silk taffeta etc. All the fabrics produced here undergo a strict quality control and vigilant checking supervised by a dedicated team of experienced executives having in-depth knowledge of textile, weaving technologies and intricacies of the raw material.

Kolkata - company has its Design and Export Marketing office in Kolkata, India. This city is popular for its intricate hand work and embroidery. Here a team of experienced designers, executives and artisans, continuously study future fashions trends and develop in-house new samples and collection All value added fabrics produced here, undergo a detailed checking for design output, colour matching, embroidery details etc, before final export packing and shipment. This team is headed by people who have decades of experience in the industry. Apart from the above in its business life of two decades, the company has established manufacturing points and supply sources in different cities of India like Varanasi, Bhagalpur, Champa, Surat, Amritsar, Kashmir etc. The company is continuously working to further strengthen the Infrastructure and deliver its best.

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